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We offer a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and competitive compensation. Our culture is extremely collaborative, open and supportive.

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work with us

We offer a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and competitive compensation. Our culture is extremely collaborative, open and supportive.

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The great thing about working at NBD Nano is that you have the opportunity to use your skills to make an immediate impact. In the drive to grow our business, we like to say that everyone has a hand on the wheel. Please come join us and put your talents to work building something really special.

R&D Scientist/Formulation Development

Requirements: PhD Degree in Chemistry, Polymer Science or Material Science

Research topics: Innovative and advanced research projects related to NBD products and technology.

Where: NBD Nanotechnologies headquarters located in Lexington, MA

When: Start in October 2020
If you are interested, please send your CV in PDF format to the contact person (see below)

Position Details:
NBD is a unique Lexington, MA based revenue generating company focused on the manipulation of surface properties using innovative chemistry and materials as the backbone of its product lines. NBD products address many important markets, such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and textiles.

Committed to growth and keeping its innovation pipeline filled with new products, NBD is constantly developing new active compounds, technologies, processes and raw materials, both in-house and in collaboration with partners. NBD is looking for a talented scientist with an interest in industrial research to support several challenging R&D projects.

You will work in a highly dynamic and international team on innovative advanced research projects. It will offer you the opportunity to become acquainted with NBD forefront technologies, through challenging, application-oriented experimental work. In the course of your work you will be involved in all aspects and stages of your project, from inception, to product development and scale-up and inital customer support.

Your Qualifications: We are seeking an individual with a PhD degree in Polymer Science or Materials Science and is particularly knowledgeable in the fields of formulation science/coatings. Good structure-property understanding of diverse application areas is needed. Experienced in formulation with polymers, polymer network physics, highly filled suspension rheology, and/or resin cure chemistry fillers, additives etc. is required along with strong analytical characterization skills (Microscopy, Thermal analysis, and viscoelastic polymer-filled behavior). Hands-on experience and an extensive background in polymer technology is required. Key responsibilities include: Leading projects from inception including include raw material selection, design of experiments, evaluation and validation, scale-up and production process improvement, troubleshooting, understanding of the IP landscape, examining new product concepts, prototypes and technology, and identification of how to improve or utilize technology. You will provide technical support during manufacturing by analyzing product or process failures to identify root causes and develop robust solutions. The candidate will work closely with organic process chemists, polymer scientists, coating engineers, and polymer scientists. This position is ideal for someone who enjoys leading edge application-oriented experimental work and is proficient in documenting results. An open mind and self-motivated personality is important, as well as the ability to collaborate with internal and external interdisciplinary teams.

For further information please contact:
Fouad Salhi, PhD
NBD Nanotechnologies, Inc.
99 Hayden Avenue
Building C, Suite 400A - 4th Floor
Lexington, MA 02421 USA

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