NBD Nanotechnologies announces InvisiPrint® MBED, an anti-fingerprint coating with embedded antimicrobial protection


Boston, MA- December, 2020– NBD Nanotechnologies, the surface coating experts, introduced a significant enhancement to their InvisiPrint product by infusing it with MBED; NBD Nano’s proprietary antimicrobial material.  MBED antimicrobial is able to keep the InvisiPrint coated surface clean by reducing odor and stain-causing bacteria by 99.9997% (5.7 log) when tested according to ISO 22196. As it contains an EPA approved active ingredient, applicators can make preservative marketing claims via treated article exemption. InvisiPrint, currently used in the display industries to hide fingerprint smudges, is applied to millions of display screens annually and in June of this year received Frost and Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award for display coatings.

There is a strong need for antimicrobial coatings, especially on displays and touch screens. Display manufacturers are in critical need of implementing solutions that can not only eliminate fingerprint smudges but also reduce the growth of odor or stain causing bacteria.

InvisiPrint MBED combines best in class fingerprint hiding with exceptional antimicrobial properties. The protection of surfaces with InvisiPrint MBED is also extremely durable.  When surfaces coated with InvisiPrint MBED are exposed to wear and tear similar to what mobile devices and displays typically experience throughout their service life, the 5+ log bacterial reduction is unaffected.

The low temperature and simple application process combined with excellent fingerprint hiding make InvisiPrint MBED an especially attractive option for high touch electronic displays where anti-fingerprint coatings are already applied but now require antimicrobial properties.  “NBD’s ability to introduce innovative product enhancements are the reasons customers continue to depend on NBD Nano for their product roadmap planning and execution. InvisiPrint MBED is yet another example where NBD is successfully providing customers with best-in-class technology,” said Miguel Galvez, President of NBD Nanotechnologies.

Applications for InvisiPrint MBED include touch displays, eyewear, appliances, architectural glass, ceramics and other high touch surfaces.


About NBD Nanotechnologies.

Founded in 2012 and based in Lexington Massachusetts, NBD Nanotechnologies, is a rapidly growing specialty chemical company. NBD has a number of tailored coating solutions for the electronics and industrial sectors.


ISO 22196 results are insufficient to make Health Claims and InvisiPrint® MBED is not registered to make EPA approved Health Claims.