Boston, Mass. – May 9, 2017 – NBD Nanotechnologies, the surface “wettability” experts, today announced a partnership agreement with Mendener Präzisionsrohr GmbH (MPG), a leading international condenser tube manufacturer. Under the terms of the agreement, MPG will incorporate NBD’s RepelShell coating on the condenser tubes it sells to its power plants customers. This coating helps plants run more efficiently and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The steam-electric generation power industry has long been seeking ways to improve the efficiency of converting steam back into water. Today condenser cooling tubes are used to facilitate the steam-water conversion cycle.

NBD Nano’s RepelShell coating is specifically designed to increase the rate of dropwise condensation on metal surfaces.

When this coating is applied to MPG’s tube, the nucleation of the droplets is greatly enhanced. The result is a greater efficiency of heat transfer and direct fuel savings of the system. NBD has successfully piloted this technology in a coal-fired power plant, and it will integrate seamlessly into MPG’s existing manufacturing processes.

“We’re proud to partner with MPG, the leading high-performance specialized supplier of heat exchanger tubes and heat technology products,” said Deckard Sorensen, President at NBD Nano Nanotechnologies. “MPG selected NBD because our solution provides proven heat transfer performance and aligns with MPG’s existing manufacturing process.”

“We’re really excited about our partnership with NBD Nanotechnologies. NBD’s RepelShell coating is an industry game-changer that promises to improve the operating efficiency of an entire class of power plants,” said Dr. Andreas Gahl, managing director at MPG. “This is a solution we have been waiting for.”

About NBD Nanotechnologies

NBD Nanotechnologies is the only company to create coatings and additives that: provide tailored surface ‘wettability’ solutions and are both durable and adaptive. No other wettability solution lasts a long time and integrates seamlessly with existing production processes while making the surfaces of glass, metal, plastics, and paint products extremely repellent to water, dirt, oil, and chemicals.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, NBD Nano has a proven team of top scientists and experienced entrepreneurs leading its business and research operations.

NBD Nano’s proprietary nanotechnology platform, and its expanding IP portfolio, enables the creation of customized coatings and additives for any application, on any substrate, with unprecedented durability and adaptability.


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